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Once you step into your room and the door locks behind you, you’ll likely be immediately presented with a swathe of clues. Boxes locked with numerical or alphabetical padlocks, strange objects, pictures on the wall, scraps of paper … chances are everything you’re looking at will be meaningful at some point over the next hour. Whether you’re in the room with one other person or a group, divide the space into parts and talk through what you’re seeing out loud. Hiding in a corner and working on a puzzle by yourself, without letting the rest of the team know what you’re doing, might mean you miss out on important information. While all rooms are self-contained and require no prior knowledge, some are trickier than others, with puzzles that require teamwork, lateral thought and a real eye for detail.

Expect a short, sharp list of around 60 wines from Greece, Italy, France and Australia, with 20 by the glass. Inside, Greek key inspired stepped window frames and a marble mosaic chef’s bench opposite rendered banquet seating that runs the length of the dining room, anchor the space. Topikós Bar and Dining Room also have a 30-seat private dining room. Honey serves up Pocha-style shareable dishes, copious amounts of Korean Fried Chicken, soju, and fun Korean-style cocktails. The menu consists of Korean Fried Chicken options, including soy garlic; sweet chilli, creamy onion; flaming; and jalapeno. Other notable menu items include spicy grilled pork, Bulgogi Pizza; clam tang soup; Yukhue beef tartare; seafood Ttoek Bokki; and Tonkatsu.

The storyline follows the heist of the Bank of Australia in 1828, and players must find the criminals before they flee the city. This escape room in Sydney’s CBD is perfect for those who have played escape games before and are looking for the next challenge. At Labyrinth Escape Rooms, there are five dark rooms to test yourself in and be warned—you'll need every ounce of logical-thinking and skill-based talent you can muster. All challenges have a strong plot, which makes trying to escape these rooms even more fun.

Mike Bennie, a champion of the Australian drinks scene, is helping to curate the hotel’s beverage menus. Inspired by the authentic cooking techniques, sauces and spices of Lebanese culinary culture, everything on the menu at Bar Tikram comes straight from the on-site wood-fired oven. To wash it all down, the outdoor bar will serve up fresh cocktails, mocktails, Lebanese spirits, and drinks infused with Middle-Eastern flavours. Highlights include the Rubi Margarita with tequila, pomegranate and rhubarb liquor, as well as the selection of arak . For those looking for an extra thrill, the Paniq Room has a psychology twist, such as dealing with a situation where you are in a prison cell, handcuffed, and blindfolded, with stifling smoke.

Two people can enjoy a 60 minute game for around $120, while teams of four can test their mettle against an escape room for about $200 all up. As the brainchild of Newtown natives, Marise and David, The Cipher Room prides itself on using locally sourced props and recycled materials wherever possible to create an immersive gaming experience. A puzzle fanatic’s playground, these escape rooms invite you to put your noggin to the test and solve riddles and clues. Do something unique with friends and family or bond with work colleagues over the exciting quests these rooms will take you on. Put on your detective caps as a private investigator or transport yourself to 1945 as a spy on a mission. Inside your dedicated room with your VR headsets, you’ll be transported into another world within your chosen challenge, complete with a 360-degree view.

There will be signature cocktails with a fruitful flair, an approachable wine list, and of course a food menu packed with burgers, baby Philly cheesesteaks, grilled corn ribs, and popcorn chicken. They also serve stone-cooked pizzas, salad bowls, and larger, more refined dishes including a togarashi pumpkin. Inside the venue is a large-scale mural featuring aerial drawings of the Sydney Opera House.

Each brilliantly imaginative game that Escape Hunt offers takes place in a themed room designed with incredible attention to detail; to ensure that you, the participants, can really lose yourself in the experience. There’s a wizard's quest, a secret service mission, a robbery and an assassin to choose from - and the immersive games promise fun for the entire family. Get ready for an out of this world adventure with Sydney escape rooms. Offering immersive thrills and live-action challenges, these world-class venues deliver an interactive experience like no other. For those new to the phenomenon, an escape room offers the chance for players to physically step right into the game – a detailed scenario where challenges and puzzles must be solved before time runs out. Meanwhile, VR escape rooms take things to the next level, throwing you into the midst of virtual worlds where you can feel the intensity of action up close and personal.


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